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kawaguchiko mountain landscape in Autumn

The Kawaguchiko Incident

On the 28th of October 2006, the unexpected presence of a fast-paced, suited office worker with briefcase was documented on a mountain trail in Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji. Unaware that the not-so-distant Aokigahara forest was a destination of choice for people resigned to put an end to their problems and their lives, Bureau d'Etudes Japonaises welcomed this non-event as an invitation to investigate the poetical aspects of Tokyo’s ubiquitous corporate scene.

a man in suit with briefcase walking away on a trail in a forest

The Salaryman Project Business Schedule

The outcome of this research has been published into the pages of the "Salaryman Project Business Schedule", an illustrated Japanese professional agenda of our design. At the pace of one photo a week, the action – or lack of it – unfolds season after season into the spreads of the ephemeral publication, portaying Tokyo's salaryman as an elusive and solitary creature constantly escaping the gaze of the camera.

the salaryman project business schedule, japanese photo agenda
Salaryman Project binder version (2013~2015, 157 photos)

Selection of photos from the Salaryman Project Business Schedule 2013

a salaryman behind incense smoke at Sensoji temple
a salaryman near a fountain in Hibiya Park
Hibiya Park
a salaryman in Kudandika
a salaryman in Tameike Sanno
Tameike Sanno
a salaryman in Ueno Park
Ueno park
a salaryman having a coffe break in Gotanda
a salaryman in a bamboo garden in Shinagawa
a salaryman getting out of a eel restaurant
the refection of a salaryman in a golf accessory shop
a salaryman on a bicycle in Ginza

Selection of photos from the Salaryman Project Business Schedule 2014

a salaryman in Kasumigaseki
a salaryman on a train in Akabane station
a salaryman reading manga on the Yamanote line
Yamanote Line
a salaryman eating udon noodles in Shibuya
a salaryman in Tokyo Midtown's garden
Tokyo Midtown
a salaryman on a pedestrian crossing in Suidobashi
a salaryman in Kyobashi
a salaryman photographing roses in Hibiya Park
Hibiya Park
a salaryman holding Kumade (rake) in Hanazono shrine for tori no ichi festival
Hanazono Shrine
a salaryman in front of a Fugu (pufferfish) restaurant in Meguro

Selection of photos from the Salaryman Project Business Schedule 2015

a salaryman having a nap in Shibuya
the reflection of a salaryman in a shop selling WW2 plane scale models in Shimbashi
a drunk salaryman lying on the street in Kanda
a salaryman looking a the Sumida river from the Sobu line train
Sobu Line
a salaryman taking a picture of cherry blossom in Ueno Park
Ueno Park
a salaryman in a sushi restaurant in Kanda
Kanda Sakumacho
a salaryman a the Yasukuni Shrine
Yasukuni Shrine
a salaryman trying a golf club in a shop in Yurakucho
the reflection of a salaryman in a building in Kanda
Kanda Nishikichou
a salaryman walking up a stairway in Shinjuku

Exhibition: the Salaryman Project Fiscal Year

109 prints arranged according to the Japanese fiscal year (from April 1st to March 31st) in a 21-meter long display. Installation designed for the Month of Photography Tokyo 2017.

Salaryman Project exhibition during The Month of Photography Tokyo 2017
detail from spring

Full view: click on the following image to see the installation in a new window.

Salaryman Project exhibition during the Month of Photography Tokyo 2017 at the Canon gallery.

Online game: My TASUKU!

Based on photos from the Salaryman Project, My TASUKU! is a picture based e-learning tool that will improve your survival skills in Tokyo's corporate world. At the office, at school, in the train, at home, My TASUKU! brings you the training that you need and the distraction that you deserve.

game screen capture
Screen capture, 2016

To photo-editors:

To access the 157 photos of the Salaryman Project series, please contact Bureau d'Etudes Japonaises.