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Screen capture, 2016

My TASUKU! is a picture based e-learning tool that will improve your survival skills in Tokyo's corporate world. At the office, at school, in the train, at home, My TASUKU! brings you the training that you need and the distraction that you deserve.

My TASUKU! is based on pictures from the Salaryman Project.


More information and hints (including spoilers).

■ General information

On most levels of the programme, the employee will be asked to complete 6 tasks from a To-Do list. Upon completion, the employee will be directed to the next level.

The thumbnails of the To-Do list are a reminder of what is left to be done. The employee will keep an eye on them to prevent making the same task twice as this would result in a loss of points.

↓A To-Do list with 4 tasks remaining.
game screen capture

Each completed task brings 10 points.

Completing a level without a single fail adds a 40 points bonus, bringing a maximum of 100 points per level.

Exceptions to these guidelines are written below.


Reach the office in 6 steps. Stop slides on the same photo to complete each step.

↓Same photos: success! Earn 10 points.
game screen capture
↓Fail. Loose 1 point.
game screen capture

■ Level 02 - MANGA MANIA

Perform 6 tasks at the office, while refraining from reading manga.

↓Stopping the slides on a to-do task is a win! Earn 10 points.
game screen capture
↓Reading manga at work? Loose 10 points.
game screen capture

Hint: tasks to do are all in the central moving slide. Sides enrich the visual combinations.

■ Level 03 - ENERGY DRINK

Have an energy drink and a smoke, looking at bystanders near the company building. Seeing new faces will bring points. If a superior shows up, the employee will loose 10 points and will go back to work, limiting their chances of gaining more points.

↓Stopping on a new face brings 10 points.
game screen capture

Hint: as always, the employee will watch their To-Do list thumbnails, only stopping slides when a photo present on the To-Do list shows-up.

■ Level 04 - SUDOKU MASTER

The employee's secret mission is to complete a sudoku grid while their superior is not looking. To go unsuspected, they should pretend they're on the phone every time the superior shows up.

↓The starting position: on the phone while the superior is looking. This is the SAFE position.
game screen capture
↓When the superior looks away, the sudoku grid appears.
game screen capture
↓Clicking repeatedly on the > button fills the sudoku grid
game screen capture
↓Before the superior looks again, the employee should reach a "on the phone" picture for shelter!
game screen capture

The employee needs to input 62 numbers to complete the grid. On every major step of about 10 numbers, a thumbnail disappears and the picture colour changes. The further it goes, the less "on the phone" pictures offer safety from the superior.

↓Still 4 thumbnails to do: about 40 numbers remaining to be filled on the grid.
game screen capture
↓Caught playing sudoku by the superior! The employee starts again with a minus 5 points penalty.
game screen capture

Badly performing employees will be sent to the next level with minus points. In extreme cases, the employee can be fired.

■ Level 05 - LUNCH BREAK

Depending on how well the employee performed in the previous levels, the programme will propose various menus, from grilled eel (the best, 100 points) to a plastic tray of sushi from the combini (10 points).

The To-Do list is replaced by a "menu" suggestion. The employee must stop the slides in the same position as the menu to get this lunch and associated points. Failing to do so brings a lesser menu (and less points).

↓Starting with soba noodles on the menu
game screen capture
↓Align slides in the same pattern as the menu
game screen capture